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Jurgis Did joins Crovento to make Experiences happen

Jurgis is a Colombian-Lithuanian that has thrived as a chameleon on the Lithuanian music scene for well over 15 years. Fearless experimentation earned him numerous awards and garnered many hits, but there was only so much he could do within the constraints of his industry. So a couple of years ago, inspired by examples of disruptive innovation, he decided to break the mould and began to use music and adjacent art-forms deliberately as a means for social impact.

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“It was risky to invest knowing that enough tickets might not be sold”

BrunchFIT event in London by Not Just Yoga

Susan decided to use Crovento to see if enough people would buy tickets for her unique event. Also, in order to understand at what time the event should take place Susan created 3 events same day – in the morning, afternoon and evening. The afternoon BrunchFIT event got funded, Susan got the budget to invest from the people that loved her idea and the event happened. Check the video below! It was great!

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