BrunchFIT event in London by Not Just Yoga

"“It was risky to invest knowing that enough tickets might not be sold”

Susan left the corporate hustle in 2010 after falling ill through exhaustion, to pursue a happier life. She realised the power of Yoga was not limited to JUST wellness & now incorporates Yoga principles to collaborate & succeed, with like-minded people. Creating fun projects in fashion, art, fitness, nutrition, anything forward thinking… So all involved grow and succeed in their journey. It really is – Not Just Yoga.

Earlier this year Susan came up with an idea to organise an event for people that love yoga, healthy food and champagne – BrunchFIT event. The idea was to invite like-minded people to a yoga session and a brunch with champagne tasting on a floating garden in London.

It was a very unique idea for a very specific group of people – yoga and champagne lovers. Hence, it was risky to invest knowing that enough tickets might not be sold. Also, people usually do yoga in the morning but drink champagne in the evening – when should the event take place?

Previously, Susan would invest her time and money and take the risk to lose the investment or just not organise an event.

By accident, we met Susan just right after she came up with the idea. It was a perfect fit. She decided to use Crovento to see if enough people would buy tickets for her unique event. Also, in order to understand at what time the event should take place Susan created 3 events same day – in the morning, afternoon and evening.

The afternoon BrunchFIT event got funded, Susan got the budget to invest from the people that loved her idea and the event happened. Check the video below! It was great!

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