Jurgis Did joins Crovento to make Experiences happen

“But how do I sell this to my tribe, to my friends, to my family?”

Jurgis Did

Jurgis is a Colombian-Lithuanian that has thrived as a chameleon on the Lithuanian music scene for well over 15 years. Fearless experimentation earned him numerous awards and garnered many hits, but there was only so much he could do within the constraints of his industry. So a couple of years ago, inspired by examples of disruptive innovation, he decided to break the mould and began to use music and adjacent art-forms deliberately as a means for social impact. That desire to do more with his art redefined him and the scope of his activities. It has spawned a new form of exceptional, participatory musical experiences, that enlighten and engage as well as entertain.

Involve your tribe

Now, Jurgis wants to go even further making every and each participant a part of the reason why his Experiences happen. To do that, Jurgis teams up with Crovento to organise events in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Colombia and Lithuania within the coming months.

“Business is great. But how do I sell this to my tribe, to my friends, to my family?”

“Help me solve a riddle.” — Jurgis calls his tribe. “How do you market something to people you don’t want to sell to? These last couple of years, I have mastered my craft: creating inclusive musical spaces that elevate people and shift interpersonal energy. Business is great. But how do I sell this to my tribe, to my friends, to my family?”. He figured that Crovento can help him to solve his riddle. Every Experience will happen because his community members pledge to purchase tickets thus validating demand and delivering funds in advance if enough people are joining. This way everyone becomes a part of the reason why the Experiences happen. His community, his tribe becomes his partners.

Free your ideas and make them come to life

“Over the next couple of months, my team and I will actively communicate our next destinations and engage in open conversations as to what these experiences should be like. Some may be small boutique happenings, others can be more ambitious. We will be introducing our partner Crovento to help organize and coordinate the effort. Every happening will be different thanks to your community input- whether it be food, location, musical allegiances, creative collaborations, artistic partnerships, etc.” — Jurgis shares news with his community. As an artist, Jurgis has thousands of Experience ideas. As he said before, business is great. But how do you make sure that all Experiencesthat are organised generate profit (or at least break-even)? Crovento makes sure that only great ideas that are approved by the community by pledging to purchase tickets will happen.

“Give your Experience idea a chance to come to life” — Crovento

“As a devout Burner, I believe in the power of immediacy radical artistic inclusion. As a hardcore Rainbow, I believe in creating spaces of communion for brothers and sisters that transcend monetary transaction. But there needs to be a balance — stuff doesn’t pay for itself and we’ll be implementing systems and defining best practices that are easily replicable and sustainable. We’re out to create a culture of semi-spontaneous community-driven activities around participation music. We need your help! #DIY#ParticipationMusic#CommunityBuilding”.

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