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What is a Crovento ambassador?
Crovento ambassadors are people that understand the pains we are solving and are happy to advise others to use Crovento service.

Crovento is an Experiences crowdfunding platform that enables organisers to validate demand & get a budget upfront to invest in a risk-free way
Imagine that you have a friend that has an idea to organise a cooking class, a small festival or anything else. But your friend is not sure if enough people will buy tickets to cover the costs of the Experience. In other words, your friend needs to validate the idea's demand and get a budget to invest. If there is no demand for the idea, he/she doesn’t want to organise it and pay for anything. You advise your friend to use Crovento because these are the pains that Crovento solves. You are an ambassador!

What is an event/experience?
Anything that brings people together and makes them happy. It can be a concert, a party, a trip, a workshop, a pop-up or anything else. Here are a few examples of our organisers with great ideas

Can I become a Crovento ambassador?
As an ambassador and a valuable member of our team that creates public opinion, you should ask yourself a few questions:
- Do I understand the pains of Experience idea validation and capital needed to invest that Crovento is solving?
- Do I believe that Crovento can help many people to organise Experiences by solving the pains and removing the risks?
-Do I know people with various Experience ideas that might be interested in Crovento?
If the answers are - Yes! Then you can become a Crovento ambassador and start working closely with our team. You can read on why and how Crovento was born here.

How does it work?
As an ambassador, you would be responsible for introducing Crovento to your friends and followers (e.g. on social media) and inviting them to use Crovento. You can use your personal network, social media, or other medium.

As a reward for your valuable input, you would receive:
- A significant % of the Crovento fee revenue (8%)
- From each event organised within 3 months by “your” organisers  
- Cross-branding - if you are an influencer (SoMe, blogging, vlogging, other) we are happy to introduce you to our community through our marketing channels. Your audience size is NOT the key metric. The most important thing is your belief in providing true value for people

If you would like to become an ambassador or you know others that could become Crovento ambassadors, fill in your info below ;)

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Our Partners

When it comes to finding a platform for event organizers, Eventor is the way to go. Their guest list app creates a simple and environmentally friendly way of checking guests in with different smart features. In addition to their basic check-in app, they also offer enterprise solutions on request such as badge print, electronic invitation sending and RSVP landing page. Based in the heart of Zurich, their young motivated team constantly works on improving Eventor to improve their clients’ experience and make event planning more hassle-free.

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