About us

“Can you imagine how many great ideas just die because they never get a chance?”

Crovento is on a mission to build a new type of event organizing company. One where people are encouraged to unleash their creative potential.

Paulius Kvedaras
CEO & Co-founder

Our story

We live in Experience Economy times when people prefer to experience life, meet others, learn something new, expand their horizons and make memories instead of just buying things. We truly believe that every person should have a chance to make their ideas real: organise a seafood cooking class on a boat, a concert that involves all the participants, an anime fans festival in woods, yoga brunch party on a floating garden, or a simple friends gathering (...)

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Meet the team

Paulius Kvedaras

CEO & Co-Founder

Paulius Paškevičius

CTO & Co-Founder

Rytis Ūsalis

Software Engineer

For business inquiries send us an email team@crovento.com

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