Know if your event is a hit before it starts.

Crovento enables event organizers to test their creative ideas through crowdfunding and raising funds in advance

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With crovento you will:

Validate your event ideas

Know if there is enough demand for your event before you commit

Get capital

So you would have the money to invest

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What people are saying

"After developing Surf Camp for 10 years as a free of charge event, we decided to explore if people are willing to pay for the entry. Crovento was a great platform to do that and while we did not succeed to reach our goal, it was safe and easy to use the platform, that helped us to avoid investing our resources into ticket sales and refunds operations."

Girmantas N. from SurfCamp

Capital upfront

Crowdfunding means not risking any of your own capital


We use Stripe to make payments easy and secure for organizers

Tickets management

Manage your event guestlist with our simple tickets management system

Refunds solved

We are making sure you don't need to deal with refunds anymore

All you need to bring your event to life

Our all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to organize and launch your event.

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Per ticket sold while
in beta*

Free to launch unlimited events

We only make money if you do.

Creating events is free. When your event reaches your goal and gets funded, we'll get 8% from each ticket sold. No strings attached.

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Simple and elegant solution

It works within your website — your audience can show interest in your events, buy and receive tickets — it’s all taken care of by us.

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The next generation of events is here.

Join the community of organizers who are not constrained by the conventional rules.

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